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Welcome to ARGOS


Your Life, Smarter.

It's 2029. Augmented reality is ubiquitous.


ARGOS is the top brand in neural technology, leading the way in Personalized Realities and Memory Recording.

Thanks to ARGOS nearly one-third of the Earth's population

is addicted to recording and sharing

their own memories.


A world not so different from our own.


Welcome to the MNEMO by ARGOS.


Every moment. Forever saved.


You play as a Memory Crime Investigator, on a routine case into a teenage hacker's suspicious overdose, when you stumble onto a stolen memory file that leads onto the trail of a dangerous conspiracy.


In each episode, you unravel a different memory, and experience the world through a different set of eyes. A different walk, a different voice, different ways for you to find the truth.


Over the course of the series, you’ll travel from the underground world of black market memory junkies, up to the glass-walled boardrooms of Argos Enhanced Technologies — the biggest company in the world. You will be chased, attacked, thrown off buildings, pushed to the limit.


You will experience emotional and morally complex memories, and find seeded within them even deeper records, allowing you to unravel who these people really were.


This Russian Doll structure of memories will allow you to explore, not only the murder, but the deepest aspects of human life. Kissing your lover for the first time, the last goodbye. Ultimately you have to "Know Thyself" to solve the mystery. You'll have to connect the not so apparent dots to find the unexpected turns .


Everyone's playthrough of THE ARGOS FILE will be unique. The story is yours to uncover. 


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